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Privacy Policy

Last update: September 22, 2020

The purpose of this privacy policy (the “Policy”) is to inform you of the way in which OLACLICK treats the information and personal data of the users that it collects, facilitates or is collected through app.olaclick.net . The Policy describes the treatments carried out with said information, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 29733, Law on Protection of Personal Data and Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS, Regulation of the Law on Data Protection Personal.

By checking the “Accept” button, Users affirm that they have read and expressly consent to this Data Privacy Policy, in particular the purpose for which the data is collected, as well as any transfer of data provided for in this Privacy Policy. Privacy.

Likewise, they declare that they have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the use of the OLACLICK platform through app.olaclick.net (the “Platform”). Capitalized terms not expressly defined in this document will have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions.

When using the Platform, Users must provide some information for the use of the Services, including the creation of their order, which may include: User name, email, telephone number, address and / or credit card data, among others necessary and / or related to your order. Likewise, OLACLICK, as long as the Users authorize it, will collect data related to their location, including the geographic location in real time of the User’s computer or mobile device.

The User agrees to enter real and truthful data. Likewise, it will be solely responsible for the damages that OLACLICK or any of its subsidiaries or third parties may suffer as a result of the lack of veracity, inaccuracy, lack of validity and authenticity of the data provided.

The data collected by OLACLICK will be exclusively used to achieve the purpose defined in the Terms and Conditions that can be consulted https://www.olaclick.net/t%C3%A9rminos-y-condiciones-usuarios and the conditions described in this Policy.

The OLACLICK Platform is used by both Users and our Affiliates. The information that we receive from Users is collected as explained below.

What information is collected?

OLACLICK collects user information that the user contributes directly and other information that is provided indirectly through the use of the OLACLICK platform.

a) Information Users provide us directly:

  • – Registration Data: the information that the User provides us when placing an order through the OLACLICK Platform: User name and email.
  • – User Profile Information: the information that the User adds to the Platform in order to be able to use the OLACLICK service, that is, the User’s mobile phone and delivery address.
  • – Information about communications made with OLACLICK: OLACLICK will have access to information that Users provide for the resolution of doubts or complaints about the use of the platform.

The processing of these data by OLACLICK is necessary to be able to comply with the contractual relationship that is established. If the User does not provide them, the requested services may not be available and OLACLICK will not be able to provide them.

b) Information that Users provide us indirectly:

  • Data derived from the Use of the Platform: OLACLICK collects the data derived from the Use of the Platform by the User each time he interacts with the Platform.
  • Application and device data: OLACLICK stores the data of the device and the Application that the User uses to access the services. These are:
    • Internet IP address that the User uses to connect to the Internet with his computer or mobile.
    • Information from your computer or mobile, such as your Internet connection, your browser type, version and operating system, and the type of device.
  • Data derived from the origin of the User: if the User arrives at the OLACLICK Platform through an external source (such as a link from another web page or a social network), OLACLICK collects the data from the source from which the OLACLICK User proceeds.
  • Data derived from incident management: if the User addresses the OLACLICK Platform through the Contact Form or through the OLACLICK telephone, OLACLICK will collect the messages received in the format used by the User and may use and store them to manage current or future incidents.
  • Data derived from “cookies”: OLACLICK uses its own and third-party cookies to facilitate navigation for its users and for statistical purposes (see Cookies Policy).

Similarly, if the user accesses OLACLICK through the products and services offered by Google, the latter may send the User’s browsing data to OLACLICK, with access to the platform through the links created by Google.

The information provided by the external third party may be controlled by the User according to the privacy policy of the external third party.

  • Data on Geolocation: as long as the Users authorize it, OLACLICK will collect data related to their location, including the geographical location in real time of the Users’ computer or mobile device.

These data are processed to comply with the relationship established with the User, as well as for the legitimate interests that OLACLICK has for its treatment.

For what purpose is the data collected?

1.- Use the OLACLICK Platform

1.1.- OLACLICK uses the data it collects from Users so that they can access and communicate with the OLACLICK platform and to provide the Services they request through the OLACLICK Platform, as detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

During the execution of an order the data may be used:

– By the establishment or premises in charge of selling the product, in the event that the User has requested the purchase of a product.

– By OLACLICK Customer Service services (direct or through third parties) in order to warn the User about possible incidents. OLACLICK may use the data provided for the purposes of managing incidents that may occur in the provision of services.

1.2- OLACLICK or its Affiliates may use the personal data that the User provides to carry out communications via email, WhatsApp and / or send SMS to the User about the operation of the Service. OLACLICK or its Affiliates will send messages to the User with information regarding the status of the requested order, summary / receipt of the order and its price to the User. By registering on the Platform, it will be understood that the User accepts this Privacy Policy and, therefore, authorizes OLACLICK and its Affiliates to carry out said communications.

1.3.- OLACLICK also uses the information to investigate and analyze how to improve the services it provides to Users, as well as to develop and improve the characteristics of the service it offers. Internally, OLACLICK uses the information for statistical purposes in order to analyze the behavior and trends of Users, to understand how Users use the OLACLICK Platform, and to manage and improve the services offered, including the possibility of adding new distinctive to the platform.

The above treatments are necessary for the execution of the services that Users use with OLACLICK through the Terms and Conditions when registering on the OLACLICK Platform. The execution of said agreement is the basis that legitimizes OLACLICK to process your data by itself or by said third parties for the purposes of providing the services requested by Users through the Platform.

2. – Guarantee security and an adequate environment for the safe provision of services

2.1.- OLACLICK may use the data in order to guarantee the proper use of the products requested on its Platform and the correct provision of the Services.

2.2.- OLACLICK may also use User information for the purpose of detecting and investigating fraud, as well as other illegal activities and potential violations of our Terms and Conditions. For this purpose, OLACLICK may share user data with platforms that analyze fraud operations.

OLACLICK may make use of the information that Users for the treatments described by the legitimate interest consisting in protecting the proper use of the Platform, complying with the applicable legislation, as well as guaranteeing the correct and safe provision of services.

3.- Promotion and realization of commercial offers (online and offline)

OLACLICK uses third-party technology integrated into its Platform in order to collect your data and preferences and use them with CRM systems and advanced technology for the benefit of Users. Likewise, the Affiliates can access the data of their clients, being able to carry out the following treatments of their data:

3.1.- Send promotional messages and / or offers related to the service offered by the Affiliate to the email of the Users that may be of interest to the User. If the OLACLICK User wishes not to receive the aforementioned information and / or commercial communications, he may at any time choose the option to “Cancel the subscription” in the email itself, and consequently, the sending of said information will immediately cease. .

3.2.- Send the User messages and / or offers related to said services through “push” notifications consisting of sending said promotional messages and / or offers in their messaging applications (such as WhatsApp) to their mobile phone. If the User wishes not to receive the commercial communications of this point, he may configure said application not to receive said notifications.

3.3.- OLACLICK and / or the Affiliates, may use the delivery address of the order entered by the User for the purpose of carrying out promotional activities for the delivery of free samples or products of the service related to OLACLICK (ie delivery of free samples at home or advertising brochures) together with the delivery of the order that may be of interest to the User.

3.4.- Through the use of the OLACLICK Platform, Users may also receive commercial communications from third parties associated with the Platform such as Facebook and Google, all based on the privacy preferences that the User has on said Platforms.

The above treatments will be carried out by virtue of the legitimate interest of OLACLICK and the Affiliates to carry out “marketing” activities for the benefit of the Users, as described in the following point.

4.- Share User data with third parties

4.1- As described in the previous point 3.4., If the User will use the Platform through another social network or a third party platform, OLACLICK could use the information transferred to that social network or third party, provided that said information is has made available to OLACLICK in compliance with the privacy policy of said social network or third-party platform.

4.2.- If OLACLICK’s ownership changes or most of its assets are acquired by a third party, Users are informed that OLACLICK will transfer their data to the acquirer’s entities in order to continue providing the services subject to data processing. The new manager will communicate to the Users their identification data. OLACLICK declares that it will comply with the duty of information to the relevant Authority in the event that the aforementioned situations occur, and will notify Users of the change of responsible at the time it occurs.

4.3.- All treatment will be carried out insofar as it is necessary to be able to execute the Services requested by the User to OLACLICK based on the Terms and Conditions of the Platform.

4.4.- OLACLICK may transfer your personal data to third parties associated with OLACLICK as long as the User has expressly accepted this Privacy Policy.

Does OLACLICK share the information it collects?

As indicated in the previous section, the personal data that OLACLICK collects will be exclusively used to achieve the purpose defined in the “Terms of Use” and the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.

For the correct development of the contractual relationship and excellence in the provision of the service, as well as for the legitimate interest of OLACLICK, it will share certain personal data of the Users with:

– Affiliates: through the use of the OLACLICK Platform, the acquisition of products and services in stores and businesses affiliated with OLACLICK and that have uploaded their digital letters and receive orders directly through the Platform is facilitated. In such cases, the User’s data will be shared with the aforementioned Affiliate for the sole purpose of facilitating the transaction. In the event that the User directly contacts the Affiliates described and provides their data directly to them, OLACLICK will not be responsible for the use that the Affiliates make.

– Service providers: the eventual third-party service providers of OLACLICK (in the event of outsourcing the customer service or solution of incidents with the services) will have access to the personal information of the Users necessary to perform their functions, but may not use it to other purposes. They must treat personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation on data protection.

– The User may also receive emails from OLACLICK and / or the store to confirm the order, organize a return, request the User’s assessment of the order or receive a summary of the order. All information provided by users to stores outside of OLACLICK’s control is not covered by this Privacy Policy.

– Security companies and Security Forces and Bodies: OLACLICK may disclose personal information and account data of our clients when it believes that its disclosure is necessary for compliance with the law, to enforce or apply the Terms and Conditions or to protect the rights, property or safety of OLACLICK, its users or third parties. The foregoing includes, therefore, the exchange of information with other companies and organizations as well as with Security Forces and Bodies to protect against fraud and reduce risks.

– Prior legal requirement, OLACLICK may share information with executive authority bodies and / or third parties regarding requests for information related to criminal investigations and alleged illegal activities.

– In order to provide OLACLICK services, depending on the geographical area from which users request the services, certain personal data of the Users may be transferred to their subsidiaries. Users are informed that when registering on the Platform from any country in which OLACLICK operates, their data will be stored in the OLACLICK database in Peru, which may transfer user data outside the borders of Peru. . In these cases, the registration of cross-border data processing will be complied with in accordance with applicable legislation.

– Service providers for the anonymization of some data: to avoid the improper use of User data by third-party service providers, OLACLICK may transfer User data so that they can be anonymized and used only for the provision of the service to Users. For example, OLACLICK may transfer the telephone number of the Users to third parties to anonymize them and provide them in this format to the providers used to fulfill the services contracted by the Users.

– The data of OLACLICK Users are stored on the servers of Amazon Web Services, Inc located in the United States of America contracted by OLACLICK. OLACLICK declares that said servers comply with the applicable legislation on Data Protection and with the commitments set forth in this Data Privacy Policy. OLACLICK Users expressly authorize OLACLICK subsidiaries to access their personal data from any territory for the purpose of providing the service requested by the User.

– The data of OLACLICK Users will not be transmitted to any third party except that (i) it is necessary for the services requested, in the event that OLACLICK collaborates with third parties (ii) when the User has authorized this Privacy Policy to use the Platform and accept it, thereby considering the express consent of the user for these purposes (iii) when requested by the competent authority in the exercise of its functions (to investigate, prevent or take actions related to illegal actions) or (iv ) finally, if required by law.

– Also to third-party commercial and non-commercial partners -without link with OLACLICK- as long as the User has accepted this Privacy Policy when registering on the OLACLICK Platform, thus granting their express consent. The partners who receive information about OLACLICK Users may use the data for: (a) statistical purposes and (b) to carry out commercial communications to Users, as long as said partners comply with current legislation on privacy policy (ie provide the option to “Cancel Subscription” to the User).

None of the above data communications will include the use in any other way of customer personal information for purposes contrary to the commitments made in this Privacy Policy.

OLACLICK shares the information of the Users as described to comply with the applicable regulations, to help OLACLICK to improve the provision of its services, to comply with the contractual relationship with the User, as well as for the legitimate interest of OLACLICK.

What rights do Users have?

– How long will we keep your data?

The personal data provided will be kept as long as the deletion is not requested by the interested party for a period of 24 months from the last interaction.

In case of withdrawing consent or opposing the treatment, the data will be blocked and stopped being processed, and will be kept for a period of 4 years in order to be able to claim or defend ourselves against possible claims.

– Right to withdraw your consent

At any time, the User may withdraw their consent to the processing of data by OLACLICK.

For its withdrawal, it will be enough for the User to send a request to the email info@olaclick.com. The withdrawal of consent may be made at any time by the interested party. Users accept and consent that the withdrawal of consent will imply that OLACLICK cannot provide the services of its Platform.

– What information can Users access?

OLACLICK will give the User, at his request, access to the information he has about said User, for which he must request it by sending a request to the email info@olaclick.com to update said information.

– Rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, opposition and right to data portability.

The right of access is conceived as the right that the user has to request OLACLICK if it treats any of their data.

The User may request OLACLICK to rectify the data present in its database if they are incomplete.

The right of deletion empowers the User to request OLACLICK to delete their personal data in the cases provided for in the applicable regulations.

If the User so requests, OLACLICK will limit the use of their data to what is established in the regulations. The User will also have the right to object to the treatment of personal data that OLACLICK has in its possession.

Their exercise is very personal, so it will be necessary for the affected party to prove their identity. The exercise of these rights must be made in writing signed by the owner of the data, indicating their address, attaching a copy of their National Identity Document or other supporting document, addressing OLACLICK through a request to the email info @ olaclick. com.

– What are the options that Users have?

As previously indicated, if the User wishes to stop receiving emails from OLACLICK, they may adjust their subscriptions in the email tray and press the “You can cancel the Subscription” button.

Additionally, Users may choose that OLACLICK does not know their geolocation. Most mobile devices provide users with the option to disable location services. This possibility is usually found in the configuration menu of the device. If you have any questions about how to disable the location services of your device, OLACLICK recommends that Users contact the manufacturer or the service operator of their device.

Apart from exercising the rights described above, Users have the right to file a claim with the supervisory authority for knowledge of their claim.

How do we protect User data?

OLACLICK has adopted the necessary measures to maintain the required level of security, depending on the nature of the personal data processed and the circumstances of the treatment, in order to avoid, as far as possible and always according to the state of the art, its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access. As mentioned above, the personal data provided will not be transferred to third parties if the owner of the same has not accepted this Privacy Policy.

Notifications and modifications

As indicated above, all Users have the rights to access, update and cancel their data, as well as to oppose their treatment. You can exercise these rights or make any query in relation to the OLACLICK Privacy Policy through a request to the email info@olaclick.com.

Due to the continuous evolution of OLACLICK’s activities, this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use may also be modified. OLACLICK will send the User notices about the changes and substantial modifications of said documents via email, or any other means that ensures their receipt. In any case, OLACLICK will in no case modify the policies or practices to make them less effective in protecting previously stored personal data of our customers.

In case of discrepancy between the translated versions and the Spanish version of this text, the latter will prevail.